Who caused Juliet's death? (2023)

Who caused the death of Juliet?

She hated the thought of marrying a man she didn't love, and was willing to take a chance on dying in order not to marry him. This caused her death because when Romeo thought she was dead, he killed himself, which caused her to kill herself when she woke up.

Who or what is responsible for Juliet's death?

Friar Lawrence. Who Killed Romeo and Juliet? The three main factors that led to Romeo and Juliet's death were Friar Lawrence's actions, the Montagues and Capulets' feud, and the couple's own choices.

How did Lady Capulet caused Juliet's death?

In Romeo and Juliet, Lady Capulet influences Romeo and Juliet's death first by demanding that Romeo be punished for killing Tybalt and later by refusing to help Juliet as she tries to avoid the hastily arranged marriage to Paris.

Who is responsible for Juliet's death essay?

Although there are many characters in this play that have contributed to Romeo and Juliet's death, Friar Laurence is the person most to blame. Friar Laurence's actions throughout the play resulted in the two star crossed…show more content…

Who gave Juliet the poison?

Friar Laurence gives Juliet a potion that will make her appear dead so she does not have to marry again. He sends Romeo a note to explain the plan and Juliet takes the potion. Her body is moved to the family tomb. Romeo does not receive the note about the potion from Friar Laurence and thinks Juliet is really dead.

Is Juliet responsible for her own death?

The evidence shows that Juliet is responsible for her death as well as Romeo because Romeo believed her fake death was real and died for her as she would have for him. Overall, Juliet is most responsible because of her desperation for Romeo's love and her doubts.

Is the nurse to blame for Juliet's death?

In Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, the Nurse, by her thoughtless support of the affair between the lovers and fickle counsel, is partly to blame for the tragedy. However, it is not one factor alone that brings about the death of Romeo and Juliet, but a combination of significant actions and underlying forces.

Why is Romeo responsible for Juliet's death?

Out of all the characters that could have been responsible for their deaths, Romeo is the one to mostly blame because he accepted to go to the Capulets party to see Rosaline but sees Juliet, he listens to Juliet's thoughts, and goes to buy poison from the Apothecary to kill himself.

How was Juliet killed?

Rather than stay with her, the Friar leaves the tomb and Juliet is left alone. She then kills herself with Romeo's dagger.

What happens before Juliet kills herself?

The deaths of Romeo and Juliet occur in a sequence of compounding stages: first, Juliet drinks a potion that makes her appear dead. Thinking her dead, Romeo then drinks a poison that actually kills him. Seeing him dead, Juliet stabs herself through the heart with a dagger.

What does Lady Capulet say about Juliet's death?

Juliet's Parents and Fiancé Are Informed

As Lady Capulet hears the Nurse screaming, she arrives and tells the seemingly dead Juliet: O me, O me! My child, my only life, Revive, look up, or I will die with thee!

Why is Juliet to be blamed for her death?

Juliet is to blame for the death because, she caught Romeo's eye in the beginning of the play and allowed him to fall in love with her and kiss her all in that night at the capulet party, without actually knowing who he was or that he belonged to montague (which made their love almost impossible because of the rivalry) ...

Is Friar Lawrence the one to blame?

Friar Lawrence is most responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet because he was the one who married the two lovers even though they weren't suppose to be married, gave Juliet this deadly potion,and he feels so guilty at the end which means he knows he's to blame.

Who is to blame for Romeo and Juliet's death with quotes?

Lady Capulet To Blame For Romeo And Juliet's Death

The people that were the most responsible for the the deaths are three members of Capulet family. With the father, mother, and nurse to Juliet all having an influence by being unsupportive, uncaring, and uptight, they are to blame for Romeo and Juliet's deaths.

What did Juliet drink to fake her death?

Sleeping draughts

In the final act of Romeo and Juliet, our tragic heroine takes a potion to fake her own death and place her into a catatonic state. Many believe the potion is most likely to be deadly nightshade (Atropa Belladonna) a plant native to Europe.

Who gave the drug to Juliet?

It's the Friar who offers a medicinal way out of Juliet's terrible situation in Act 4 Scene 1, when she is told by her father that she must marry Paris (impossible for her to do, as she's already secretly married to Romeo).

Who find Juliet dead in her bed?

Capulet sends the Nurse to go wake Juliet. She finds Juliet dead and begins to wail, soon joined by both Lady Capulet and Capulet.

Who is the last person to see Juliet before she kills herself?

The poisoned Romeo, aroused by Juliet's kiss, opens his eyes to find that she is alive, but succumbs to the poison soon thereafter. Thus, Romeo becomes the last to see Juliet alive, just moments before his own tragic end.

Why Juliet take her own life?

She says her final goodbye to Romeo and takes her own life with Romeo's dagger. She chose to kill herself after she found Romeo dead because she loved him and he's the only man she wanted to be with. Juliet also wanted to be with him in heaven and have eternal life together.

Who is to blame for Romeo and Juliet's death essay free?

The lack of support from Lady Capulet, the lack of communication and distant relationship between Juliet and her parents, and Lord Capulet's impulsive and short-tempered decisions are ultimately at blame for the tragic events between the two star-crossed lovers in The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.

Why did the nurse betray Juliet?

The Nurse recognizes that Juliet shows no interest in Paris' courting and is the only member of the older generation to take Juliet's feelings into consideration…that is, until she suddenly betrays Juliet's trust by saying that she should marry Paris.

Did the nurse lie to Juliet?

The Nurse and Juliet may have a loving, teasing sort of relationship at the beginning of the play, but when Juliet needs her most—after her parents order her to marry Paris—the Nurse betrays her. Romeo is as good as dead, the Nurse tells Juliet, and she had better forget him and marry Paris.

When did the nurse betray Juliet?

The rift between the Nurse and Juliet foreshadows the final split in their relationship which occurs in Act III, Scene 5 when the Nurse betrays Juliet by advising her to forget Romeo and marry Paris.

When did Juliet stab herself?

Romeo and Juliet | Act 5, Scene 3.

How old was Juliet when died?

Answer and Explanation: Romeo and Juliet were teenagers when they died in the play Romeo and Juliet, with Juliet being thirteen years old, nearly fourteen. We do not know Romeo's age; he is treated as a man and, but described as young and appears to be youthful.

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