Who is the best person to sell dragon bones to in Skyrim? (2023)

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Who is the best person to sell dragon bones to in Skyrim?

The trader in the Grey Quarter in Windhelm is your best bet, early game as well as Arcadia in Whiterun because they offer training. Dragon bones sell for a high price and if you don't spend money at the store, they can run out of funds before you run out of bones.

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Who should I sell dragon Bones to?

Luckily, Dragon Bones and Scales are actually incredibly easy to sell in Skyrim. You can sell them at any general store, potion shop, and to other miscellaneous merchants.

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Who will buy dragon bones Skyrim?

General goods merchants, alchemy merchants, and Thieves Guild fences will buy dragon bones without the player first having earned the Merchant perk from the Speech skill tree but, strangely, blacksmiths will not.

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Should I just sell dragon bones Skyrim?

While you can make more money by saving up your dragon scales and making armor after you've mastered smithing, money is usually more of an object early on in the game, so there's no real harm in selling them until your smithing skill is getting close to maxed out.

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Who is the best vendor to sell to in Skyrim?

Skyrim: 19 Best Merchants, Ranked
  • 6/19 Neloth, A Mage Merchange - Tel Mithryn.
  • 5/19 Beirand, The Blacksmith - Solitude.
  • 4/19 Oengul War-Anvil, The Blacksmith - Windhelm.
  • 3/19 Eorlund Gray-Mane, The Blacksmith - Winterhold.
  • 2/19 Adrienne & Ulfberth Of The Warmaiden's - Whiterun.
  • 1/19 All Thieves Guild Fences And Merchants.
17 Nov 2021

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Who will buy dragon bones in whiterun?

Go to belethor's general goods. he pays 250 for each dragon bone and he pays like 125 for each scale.... Hope it helps. Save this answer.

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How many dragon bones do you need for full armor?

To craft Dragon armor (including a shield), you'll need a total of 12 dragon scales and 6 dragon bones; this figure goes up if you decide you want to make weapons or scaled armor as well. Dragons drop 1 to 3 of both scales and bones when they die.

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Are there unlimited dragons in Skyrim?

There are an infinite numbers of dragons in Skyrim, since most of them respawn, like other creatures. The number of named "main" dragons are fixed though, though and they are listed in the UESP wiki "Dragon" article.

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Is dragon Bone stronger than daedric?

deadric dont have more armor rating than dragon nor do more dmg than dragon. The only difference is as I stated dmg is only 4 which is like 3% (at my level). Same goes with armor. If u looking for highest numbers you must go with dragon.

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How much is dragon Bone worth?

Item Statistics Updated in 10 hours
Current Price2,715Buying Quantity (1 hour)
Approx. Sell Price2,700Buy/Sell Ratio
Tax-27GE Limit
Approx. Profit (incl. Tax)-17 (-0.63%)High Alch Value
High Alch Profit
2 more rows

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Is dragonscale armor worth?

Dragonscale Armor has a superior armor rating to Glass armor, but a higher weight. Once upgraded, Dragonscale armor remains with a higher rating but still only by about 8, making the weight difference a problem, even though the full Dragonscale set weighs less than the chestplate of iron armor.

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What should you not sell Skyrim?

Important items you shouldn't sell.
  • Those Dragonpriest Masks. Hold on to them. Do not sell. Ever.
  • The Unusual gems in their small golden boxes.
  • 5 Ice Wraith teeth.
  • 2 Mammoth Tusks.
  • 3 Flawless Amethysts.
  • 20 Deathbell, Nirnroot and Nightshade.
  • 1 Gold ore.
  • 10 Bear pelts of any kind.

Who is the best person to sell dragon bones to in Skyrim? (2023)
Is dragon bone better than diamond?

Dragon Bone Tools are a set of items that are created out of Dragon Bones and Witherbones. They are of higher quality than diamond.

Is dragonscale armor better than daedric?

The difference between them is pretty neglible. The Daedric armour set has the highest base armour rating in the game (144) but also the most weight (96) Dragonplate has a slightly lower base armour rating (136) but lower weight (79), meaning it has a slightly higher armour/weight ratio.

Where can I sell my items for the most money in Skyrim?

Riften is your friend for selling things:
  • There's a smith, an apothecary, a jeweler, a mage and three general merchants. ...
  • Two of the vendors are trainers (smithing and light armor), so you can pay to train, and then they have extra money so you can sell all your stuff.
  • The Thieve's Guild is in Riften.
4 Aug 2018

Who are the richest traders in Skyrim?

Two general traders in the market, the smith, the alchemist, the general store in the gray quarter makes 5, plus the Ragged Flagon. Sadri's Used Wares(the grey quarter) is in Windhelm.

Can you become Jarl Skyrim?

Though the Dragonborn is able to become a member of secret societies like the Thieves Guild or curry favor with a city's authorities to become one of its Thanes, there is no way for players to officially ascend to the powerful Jarl position in Skyrim.

What is the weakest dragon in Skyrim?

Brown Dragon

These dragons are only level 10 and can only use frost or fire breath, making them fairly basic and easy to battle with. Even better, though, in a pinch, they're even easier to evade. These are easily the weakest dragons in the game.

Should I sell dragon Bone?

If you are a level below 25 then go ahead and sell them, there is no need to keep them if you will be killing more dragons later in the game and when the smithing perk is available.

Can Dragonbone weapons be found?

Dragonbone weapons are the highest-quality weapons available in the game, but are only available if the Dawnguard add-on has been installed. They do not appear in leveled lists, and can only be obtained via crafting or by looting a Keeper.

How do I get Breezehome for free?

Players can find Breezehome near the main gate of Whiterun Hold, directly to the left of the Warmaiden's weapons and armor shop. Proventus Avenicci, Jarl Balgruuf's steward, will give the Dragonborn the key to the Skyrim player's home in Whiterun once they've completed the main quest, "Dragon Rising."

How many dragon bones do you need for 99 prayer?

It takes 51,724 dragon bones to go from 1-99 Prayer using a gilded altar.

How many dragon bones do you need for 92 prayer?

To get from 73 prayer to 92 prayer, it takes roughly 21k dragon bones (total cost is around 45m) or nearly 9k frost dragon bones (total cost is around 110m).

Is Dragonplate better than daedric?

The Daedric armour set has the highest base armour rating in the game (144) but also the most weight (96) Dragonplate has a slightly lower base armour rating (136) but lower weight (79), meaning it has a slightly higher armour/weight ratio.

How many hours is Skyrim 100%?

Read More. When focusing on the main objectives, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is about 34 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 231 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Can you tame a legendary dragon in Skyrim?

Certain named Dragons cannot be tamed (Alduin, Sahloknir, Paarthurnax, Durnehviir, and the Skeletal Dragon in Labyrinthian). Odahviing can be tamed and ridden by traveling to the Throat of the World where he circles the summit.

Has Skyrim ever been 100% completed?

A Reddit user named DiJGit states that they have completed a 100% playthrough of Skyrim after 700 hours. DiJGit finished every quest and collected all items, spells, and shouts in the game. They also unlocked every skill in Skyrim and finished this complete playthrough at level 252.

Who is the strongest daedric God?

Sheogorath can be considered the strongest Daedric Prince in The Elder Scrolls due to his insanity.

Is Madness armor better than daedric?

Madness armor is a variety of heavy armor. The armor is stronger than Daedric armor, and is slightly heavier.

What is the best Dragonbone weapon?

Dragonbone Mace - Not only is the Dragonbone Mace the most powerful mace in the game, but it is also the most powerful craftable one-handed weapon in all of Skyrim.

Which dragon makes most money?

  • Bahamut.
  • Tiamat.

How much XP do dragon bones give?

Dragon bones give 72 Prayer experience when buried, 180 Prayer experience when cremated, 288 Prayer experience when offered at the Ectofuntus, or 252 Prayer experience when offered at a gilded altar with 2 burners lit.

How many dollars is a golden dragon?

The gold dragons in Game of Thrones have a high value, 1 gold dragon is equivalent to 11,760 copper pennies; if you compare with Sweden, 1 gold ducat was worth 300 copper pennies.

What is the rarest armor in Skyrim?

Skyrim: 10 Rarest Armor & Weapon Sets, Ranked
  • Aetherium Equipment. ...
  • Notched Pickaxe. ...
  • Wind-Shear. ...
  • Konahrik. ...
  • Ahzhidahl's Armor. ...
  • Bolar's Oathblade. ...
  • Visage of Mzund. ...
  • Auriel's Shield.
25 May 2022

What is the strongest Skyrim armor?

Deathbrand Armor is arguably the best armor in the game - certainly if you don't have max-level Smithing and Enchanting skills. It can be found one piece at a time as part of the "Deathbrand" Dragonborn quest.

Is Amber better than dragon scale?

Amber armor is a variety of light armor which is superior to standard dragonscale armor, making it the second most powerful light armor you can craft in the game before the Studded Dragonscale Armor from the Alternative Armors - Dragonscale creation.

Can you steal a 0% chance Skyrim?

However, thanks to one particular Alteration spell in Skyrim, pickpocketing can be accomplished at low or even 0% chances of success. The Skyrim spell in question is Paralyze, an Expert-level Alteration spell tome that can be purchased from Tolfdir at the College of Winterhold.

What is the most rarest item in Skyrim?

A few more of the rarest items in Skyrim have been added to this article.
  • 8/18 Mead with Juniper Berry.
  • 7/18 Giant's Club.
  • 6/18 Roasted Ox Head.
  • 5/18 Akaviri Sword.
  • 4/18 Combat Fork.
  • 3/18 Ysgramor's Soup Spoon.
  • 2/18 Exquisite Sapphire.
  • 1/18 Argonian Ale.
21 Feb 2022

What is the rarest ingredient in Skyrim?

Skyrim: The 10 Rarest Alchemy Ingredients In The Game
  • 8/10 Hagraven Claws.
  • 7/10 Crimson Nirnroot.
  • 6/10 Fire Salts.
  • 5/10 Frost Salts.
  • 4/10 Void Salts.
  • 3/10 Daedra Heart.
  • 2/10 Wisp Wrappings.
  • 1/10 Ancestor Moth Wing.
19 Nov 2021

Is Golden better than diamond?

Diamond tools and armor have vastly improved durability over soft gold items. Gold tools and armor are considerably weak by comparison and in general. However, gold tools do sport a very rapid block-breaking speed. Regardless, gold tools' utility is limited because they break very easily.

What stone is better than diamond?

Most brilliant diamond alternative

If you want a diamond alternative but don't want to lose out on sparkle, moissanite will be your best bet. Moissanite has a refractive index from 2.65 – 2.69, which is higher than a diamond. These stones exhibit a fiery, rainbow brilliance, making for superior sparkle.

Is dragon Bone armor light or heavy?

Dragonscale is a light armor, which can make it better for a stealth-based player character or if they have a higher light armor skill. However, if weight is not an issue and all Heavy Armor abilities are unlocked, Dragonplate is a more beneficial choice.

What is the coolest armour in Skyrim?

1/18 Daedric Armor

No doubt the coolest and best heavy armor set in Skyrim, the Daedric armor set is both a statement and a great choice. Even better, it requires a lower level of Smithing than Dragonplate armor, only 90, as well as the Daedric Smithing perk.

Is Ebony armor better than Dragon armor?

Stats-wise, Ebony Armor boasts 128 Armor with the shield and 76 Weight, making it the third-best heavy armor set after Daedric and Dragonplate Armor. Players with Ebony Smithing Perk can craft Ebony Armor with Ebony Ingots and Leather Strips.

How much can you sell dragon bones for in Skyrim?

Go to belethor's general goods. he pays 250 for each dragon bone and he pays like 125 for each scale.... Hope it helps.

What should I do with dragon bones in Skyrim?

What Can You Craft with Dragon Bones? Though dragon bones sell for 500 gold a piece, it's best to use them in crafting Dragonbone weapons, that have the highest possible damage in the game. You can also craft the Dragonplate armor set, which is one of the toughest in Skyrim.

What is the most valuable thing in Skyrim?

The Exquisite Sapphire is the single most miscellaneous item in Skyrim, selling for 5,000 septims and also having the highest weight to value ratio.

Should I sell dragon claws?

The Diamond Dragon Claw. The Diamond Dragon Claw can be found during the "The World-Eater's Eyrie" quest on a leveled Draugr in Skuldafn. Since it is impossible to go back to Skuldafn after completing the main quest line, the item will become redundant and should be sold for coin or kept as decoration.

Who is the biggest boss in Skyrim?

The most powerful is undoubtedly Ahzidal, who is revealed during the Unearthed questline near Kolbjorn Barrow. His name means "embittered destroyer," a fitting title for such a challenging boss. Ahzidal is a level 60 foe with a mastery of the magical arts, and he'll use them to pummel the player into ruin.

How do you get rich fast in Skyrim?

The best way to earn Gold and Make Money In Skyrim
  1. Selling Things. Sales are another way on how you can make money fast on Skyrim. ...
  2. Paying attention to everything in sight. ...
  3. Selling Ore. ...
  4. Sell Oghma Infinium. ...
  5. Communicating with Other Players. ...
  6. Going to Places. ...
  7. Going for Natural Resources. ...
  8. Getting Married.

How many dragons are in Skyrim?

There are over 15 named dragons in the world of Skyrim each with bits of lore about them that uncover hidden dragon history. Skyrim introduces many intriguing elements to the lore of The Elder Scrolls franchise.

How many dragon bones and scales make armor?

To craft Dragon armor (including a shield), you'll need a total of 12 dragon scales and 6 dragon bones; this figure goes up if you decide you want to make weapons or scaled armor as well. Dragons drop 1 to 3 of both scales and bones when they die.

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